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Introducing OfficeDepotMax

Who you gonna call?

Office Depot and Office Max will be consolidating into a single company by the end of 2013, according to statements issued today by both companies.  While Office Max annouces it as a merger of equals, the holders of Office Max stock will actually get shares of stock of the current Office Depot.  According to the Continue Reading

Heinz bought by Berkshire Hathaway; American / US Airways combine

Skies may be less crowded; and the ketchup will still be tasty - no matter how unappealing this guy makes it look

Two major deals broke today — Berkshire Hathaway acquiring Heinz and American airlines merging with US Airways. In many previous deals like these, one or more cities were affected – often with the smaller city coming out on the bottom.  Could that happen again here? The Largest Airline Takes Flight – from where though? According Continue Reading

Mind-numbing Movement is Making a Comeback

The New York Times published a piece today about how animated gifs are making a comeback.  Apparently there are a number of websites that have archived or memorialized the format, including Moving the Still and Gif-tastic Archive.  If you visit, be ready for a distracting amount of movement.  Even if you get distracted, there’s a Continue Reading

Pittsburgh: 4th most-literate city in U.S.

kids spelling literacy - literally

  I love seeing articles like this article about the top cities based on literacy.   When I first moved to Pittsburgh (in the 80s), I had the same outdated view of the city as a lot of outsiders; and encountered a wonderful city.  But I chuckled over the dialect.  Now I don’t notice it any more.  Continue Reading

Record Snowfall affects the New Haven area.

40 Inches fell in Hamden, CT

Could Free Wi-Fi Be Coming to YOUR Neighborhood?

Free-WiFi spot logo

The federal government is hatching a plan to bring free wi-fi to your neighoborhood – and many neighborhoods across the United States – according to this report by The Washington Post’s Cecilia Kang. The heavenly view is that this would open up a world of innovation, and level the playing field for those who can’t Continue Reading

Why Apple Clearly Thinks You’re Stupid

Apparently Apple thinks opposable thumbs are part of our simpleton thought process.

There are some very funny parts of this video.  Watch it all the way through.  (You can afford to waste 3:46 on this.)  Some of the more fun comments are near the near – but need the context of the beginning.  

Bloomberg Says Both Superbowl Teams Will “Lose” Money

As the Roman Numerals imply: the NFL is not a group of rookies.

In the latest, Curtis Eichelberger makes a case for how much money the 49ers and Ravens will lose this week at the Superbowl, in part because they’re taking so many guests to New Orleans and treating them so well.  While his math looks to add up fine, he neglects the fine point that the NFL Continue Reading

Different Posts For Different Folks


You might have topics to discuss that are not directly related to one of my existing posts.  If you do, posting your comment on this article can help us get the discussion going. David  

Morotorola S11 Headphones – Ready For Action


I’ve been using the Motorola S11-Flex HD headphones.  Really nice for activities – like running & jogging.  I’ve managed to use it in a number of situations, and found it to be excellent for activities, nicely customizable, and I love the freedom of Bluetooth connectivity.  But it’s not perfect. Read my full review. See the specs Continue Reading