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Sometimes, size can be an advantage

By hiding its hardware buttons, the Galaxy SIII gets an iPhone-like feel.

At a time when so many cell phones look so much alike, it’s good to find one that is different – especially when the differences translate to advantages.

The advantage for the Samsung Galaxy SIII is the form factor – wider and taller than most, yet thin and light. I put one in my daughter Jacqueline’s hands, and after putting it through it’s paces for a few weeks, she said, “The size…
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Has it been 40 years already?

Hello 99.  I won't be home for dinner.  I'm off chasing Sigried around the globe.

Where does time go? One day, I’m reading that mobile phones used by commercial vehicles would be getting a new ability to pass signals from site-to-site in a cellular network – and all of a sudden, 40 years has gone by and we all have them.  Forget the bags and the bricks.  Forget the shoe Continue Reading

Cells phones – early demos & how they predict behavior

5 prototypes of the revolutionary Motorola DynaTAC phone

There’s a great article in the New York Times Magazine about cell phone innovation.  The first part describes a very early demo of the Motorola DynaTAC phone in Manhattan.  The DynaTAC revolutionized the cell industry. The second part is a Q&A with an MIT professor, talking about how our cell phones usage can predict our Continue Reading

Why Apple Clearly Thinks You’re Stupid

Apparently Apple thinks opposable thumbs are part of our simpleton thought process.

There are some very funny parts of this video.  Watch it all the way through.  (You can afford to waste 3:46 on this.)  Some of the more fun comments are near the near – but need the context of the beginning.  

Getting Strong Cellular Signals in Weak Cell Areas

It’s more than a pain when you can’t get cellular signal for talking or doing data work.  Wilson  Electronics eases the pain with their Sleek line of signal boosters.  I recently tested the Sleek 4G, the latest in their line by taking a 12 hour train trip with it – then by using it with Continue Reading