The Best Feature of Apple’s iOS 7 iPhone Upgrade

My favorite screen in Apple's iOS 7 - ugly, but beautiful

My favorite screen in Apple’s iOS 7 – ugly, but beautiful


Apple has done a good job of providing “new phones” with some operating system upgrades. iOS 7 is a very different experience than anything that came before – and it’s available all the way back to iPhone 4.  (See my column in TEQ for upgrade tips and how the upgrade differs based on which iPhone model you own.)

With all the changes over iOS 6, this ugly grey screen is my favorite.  It puts the things I want most at my easiest disposal.

Those four icons on the bottom are Flashlight (a new feature that helps me get rid of my separate flashlight app), clock (great access to the timer, stopwatch and alarm), calculator (always needed at short notice), and camera.

There are two at the top that make all the difference – Airplane mode (far left) and Bluetooth.

And the reason this screen – especially those icons are so useful: Because it’s available from anywhere on your iPhone – even before you unlock it.  Simply swipe your finger from the bottom edge of the screen up toward the top to pull up these controls putting them immediately at your fingers.

What a great way to turn on/off your wireless head phones!  Or access your timer when you’re getting ready to practice a presentation – or your calculator when you need to verify formulas you’re working on with colleagues..



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