Windows Will Be As Up-to-date As Mac

Apple users are pretty current; traditionally Windows users aren't.  That could change.

Apple users are pretty current; traditionally Windows users aren’t. That could change.


If you look at statistics, Apple users are typically much more up-to-date than Windows users in the currency of the software they use.  A lot of that is due to the traditional philosophies of both companies.  Microsoft, dealing with many large corporations as their core user base, has always been hesitant to leave users behind or make them upgrade promptly.  Apple (and Steve Jobs, in particular), has had the attitude that users should upgrade, if they don’t, that’s their problem.  (examples: dropping support for floppies, CDs, and more recently changes of iPhone ports)

So many Windows users have stayed behind on antiquated software, creating a compatibility problem for them, and a resource problem for developers who want to create products for the widest possible number of users.

With Windows 10, it looks like Microsoft’s new regime is showing a signficant change in posture, and is looking to move as many of its users to the latest operating system, even if they don’t pay for it.  The proof is the “Get Windows 10” campaign they have launched with the release of this new operating system.

  1. They’re giving a free upgrade to Windows 8 users.  This is not such a stretch, since Windows 8/8.1 are the most recent Windows versions.
  2. They’re giving free upgrades to many Windows 7 users.  This a major upgrade, and an amazing step — because Windows 7 was introduced years ago, and is significantly different than Windows 10.  Microsoft could be losing investing millions (billions?) by doing this.
  3. They’re so focused on getting users to upgrade that they’re putting an icon on the desktop of users who are eligible.
  4. They’re giving an entire year to do the upgrade for all of these users.

There are lots of reasons to upgrade to Windows 10, which is getting generally great reviews and which has some tremendous new features.  So if your hardware supports it, there are great reasons to upgrade.  I have outlined the easiest method to find out whether you are eligible and how to most easily upgrade in my TEQ column.

Here’s a really big hint:

Getting Windows 10 couldn't be easier

Getting Windows 10 couldn’t be easier

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