It’s All How You Look At Things


Apple just announced its recent quarterly numbers, which, as expected, made big news.

The San Francisco Business Times ran this headline:

Apple Inc. sales of $54 billion and profit of $13 billion both break records

The Silicon Valley Business Journal ran this headline:

Apple’s flat earnings beat Street, but outlook drops stock

The numbers behind the story behind the headlines: Apple’s record breaking profits in the quarter ended December 29, 2013 were $13.078 Billion — not too shabby.  But when you compare them with year earlier numbers — $13.064 Billion, you can see that they did break records, but at Apple’s size, that’s not much difference.

Oh, and both of these fine newspapers, which are located a short distance from one-another, are owned by the same publishing company.

I don’t think that’s what the Cupertino computer company meant by “Think Different”.

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