Hollywood glamourized newspaper reporters like this guy.

The newspaper industry has changed substantially since I first started writing my column.

Twelve years ago, I was asked by Doug Heuck, then Business Editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to write a column about technology & business.  He was familiar with my ideas from my national radio show, and thought it would be a good match.  Apparently it was, because I have written around 700 articles for the Post-Gazette since then. (If you look at my archive at the Post-Gazette, you’ll only find 636 articles, because the archive seems to only go back ten years.)  My column spun off into other publications, and I even had a chance to write a few lead stories.

Times have changed for the newspaper industry.  So, while I’ll continue to write my reviews and opinions in other places – and perhaps even write more articles for the PG, my last regular weekly column is today.  Thanks to everybody at the PG who supported me, helped me hone my style, and gave me feedback.

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