Different Posts For Different Folks


You might have topics to discuss that are not directly related to one of my existing posts.  If you do, posting your comment on this article can help us get the discussion going. David  


Hollywood glamourized newspaper reporters like this guy.

Twelve years ago, I was asked by Doug Heuck, then Business Editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to write a column about technology & business.  He was familiar with my ideas from my national radio show, and thought it would be a good match.  Apparently it was, because I have written around 700 articles for the Continue Reading

Morotorola S11 Headphones – Ready For Action


I’ve been using the Motorola S11-Flex HD headphones.  Really nice for activities – like running & jogging.  I’ve managed to use it in a number of situations, and found it to be excellent for activities, nicely customizable, and I love the freedom of Bluetooth connectivity.  But it’s not perfect. Read my full review. See the specs Continue Reading

U.S. Companies Lobbying Against Europe’s Privacy Proposals

European regulators are trying to pass legislation that would more stringently protect the privacy of citizens by restricting what companies can do with data.  According to this New York Times article, companies from Silicon Valley (and perhaps other US companies) are trying to block the legislation – as it goes much further than U.S. government Continue Reading

It’s All How You Look At Things


Apple just announced its recent quarterly numbers, which, as expected, made big news. The San Francisco Business Times ran this headline: Apple Inc. sales of $54 billion and profit of $13 billion both break records The Silicon Valley Business Journal ran this headline: Apple’s flat earnings beat Street, but outlook drops stock The numbers behind Continue Reading

Getting Strong Cellular Signals in Weak Cell Areas

It’s more than a pain when you can’t get cellular signal for talking or doing data work.  Wilson  Electronics eases the pain with their Sleek line of signal boosters.  I recently tested the Sleek 4G, the latest in their line by taking a 12 hour train trip with it – then by using it with Continue Reading

Will a currently living person live to 300 years?

I hope I can do this when I'm his age. Wait... I never could do that!

Apparently the futurists at Cisco think that somebody who is currently living will live to the ripe old age of 300.  That would *start* to approach the ages that the old testiment described for Noah, Methusela and others.  (Before the days of toxic polution and other threats to longevity.) These guys have some other interesting Continue Reading

Your iPhone3 can behave like iPhone 5

I hope people buy the new iPhone instead of upgrading!

I recently wrote a column about how users can upgrade their older iPhones so they behave a lot like the newer iPhones, including how to do it and what to watch out for — you know, the issues that can bite you in the backside if you’re not careful. So – bring your iPhone up-to-date Continue Reading

Starting 2013 Fresh


I’ve had the domain name “MoreFromDavid.com” reserved since 2006 with a number of ideas on what to do with it – but other priorities kept them from happening.  After 7 years, it’s about time I got off the starting line. More coming soon.  (And I mean that.) David