On the docket with David?

We’re building on the projects and keynotes from 2019 and prior…

A new set of keynotes that will wow your company meeting or conference, including:

  • Underwhelmed” — a compelling session that will help attendees tame their days and become more EFFECTIVE at their most important activities. With all the requirements and communications coming at us daily, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. In this session, David shares some of the new findings to lessen the burden, make each day more fun, and helps each person fulfill their missions with less stress and more quality.
  • Future Tense” — changes are happening faster than ever — including the business environment, the world, what we know about ourselves, technology, and our local situations. In this session, David looks a few years into the future, shares what is likely to happen in areas that affect you, and helps you use it to your advantage.

Building a Scalable Selling Machine” – Masterclass for executives responsible for growing customer attainment and revenue.

  • Last year’s masterclass was so well received that Shannon Gregg & I are doing it again — Jan to Mar. If you need to create a strategy and team to grow your sales and customer acquisition, you don’t want to miss this. You’ll walk out with a blueprint for creating or enhancing your own consistent, repeatable, scalable selling machine.

I can also put your team into a life-changing professional development course, and am also available for consulting and working on a few other projects. Feel free to contact me through this website or look at my LinkedIn profile for more.

And of course, if you’re interested in increasing your meeting acceptance rate, don’t forget to check out Confirmed.


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