Current Professional Activities

By day, I’m Director of Business Development for BloomBoard, a Silicon Valley based company that empowers teacher growth.  That means my team and I work with schools, school districts and departments of education to provide technology and resources that help them become better at their teaching craft.  The industry calls this “Professional Development” or “PD”.   I’m based in Pittsburgh PA.

A few hours a week, I write about technology & business.  For a decade, my column was published weekly in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – and other publications picking it up on a monthly basis include TEQ (the official magazine of The Pittsburgh Technology Council) and Florida Forward (the magazine of the Orlando Chamber).  You’ll occasionally see my writing elsewhere as well.



2 Responses to Current Professional Activities

  1. David Radin says:

    Hi Isabel,

    Thanks for the offer. I’ve sent you a private email to follow up.

    You’ll notice that I removed the product references in your post. As a general practice, I don’t post comments from vendors or PR professionals that promote products directly – but will evaluate each comment to determine whether I should follow up with them. So thanks for reaching out.

    BTW, it’s good practice for PR people who are interested in my reviews to monitor my tweets (@dradin), as I often announce which product or service is being featured on my blog, in my columns or in my media appearances.


  2. Isabel says:

    Hi David,

    Hope this message finds you well. I just wanted to get in touch to offer you a sample set of award-winning earphones.
    What’s the best address for a sample set?


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