What a great time for sales people! Here’s why…

The Customer Relationship Model for Sales

This is a great time for sales people.  As the weather gets nicer, making it easier for travel to your prospect meetings, it’s also a time to hone skills, as several of the most popular Dale Carnegie sales-related courses are offered in open-enrollment format.  So you can put yourself in a position to increase your Continue Reading

Star War Roles & eliminating “busy” – this week’s most interesting articles

Making leaders - cool articles this week

  Lots of good articles recently.  Here are a few hand selected that stand above the pack. What Roles Would “Star Wars” Characters Have in Meetings? Ever feel like you’re in an alien environment?  Does it sometimes seem you’re in a galaxy far, far away?  Then you’ll love this article from Connect Association about the Continue Reading

Updated W. PA schedule (5/15/16) of leadership, skills, and sales training from Dale Carnegie

Contact me to examine your personal, team or organization needs for leadership or team training & development

Here’s an updated list of Dale Carnegie Courses in Western PA available for open enrollment.  The best way to enroll is to  contact me so we can make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.  We can also take a look at your departmental team needs or entire organizations needs to determine whether a Continue Reading

Sharks, Emails, Innovation, Piracy & a few sentences from Warren Buffet — interesting recent articles

Marlon Brando drinks coffee at meetings in movies

Shark Tank – the real & not-so real aspects Ever wonder wether ABC’s Shark Tank is really what venture capital is all about?  From my experiences pitching investors, there are a lot of similarities.  I also know a few people who had the opportunity to pitch for funding on Shark Tank.  One got funded; the Continue Reading

Schedule of Dale Carnegie Previews & Workshops for Leadership, Sales & Interpersonal Skills Training

Great leadership workshops happening in Western PA

  There’s no time like the present to hone your skills to have greater impact on your organization, career and life.  At Dale Carnegie, we provide those skills in a way that helps you turn them into habits.  Better yet, we make it fun as we do it.  (Yes; adults can have fun too!) If Continue Reading

Why joining Dale Carnegie is perfect for me

Dale Carnegie Training - offered by JR Rodgers & Associates

      This year, I have the wonderful opportunity to hang up my shingle with Dale Carnegie Training.  It’s a thrill and an honor because the Dale Carnegie organization and its offerings have proven over time to be a significant contributor to many careers – even life changing for some (including for me). The Continue Reading

Microsofts Ups the Ante in Windows 10

Getting Windows 10 couldn't be easier

Microsoft is taking several pages out of Apple’s book of tricks for Windows 10 — and Windows users are likely to love them. Security leaps forward First, they’re leapfrogging Apple in security.  Not only does Windows 10 do fingerprint recognition to secure your devices; it also does facial recognition or retina scan.  That’s not retina Continue Reading

Phone Accessories Make Selfies & Panorama Drop Dead Easy


  In my current TEQ column I talk about the Pocket Clickstick from thumbsUp, a British company that I found has a knack for developing and marketing useful smart phone accessories. One of them with a lot of potential is the Panoramic Pod, a small, telescoping tripod that holds your phone and spins it around Continue Reading

Zoom Lens for your SmartPhone

Images with and with Carson HookUpz and Bushnell binoculars to zoom image

  Don’t you hate not being able to zoom in with your smart phone camera.  It always gets to me when I’m at one of my kid’s concerts and too far from the stage.  I really want to capture smiling faces; but neither my iPhone, nor my wife’s Android phone can do the job by Continue Reading

Moto 360 Watch — It’s About Time

In some ways, the Moto 360 is a fashion statement

    Motorola calls the Moto 360 a “watch for our times”.  It’s certainly the first of only a few wrist watches to herald in the smart watch as more than a plastic device that shout “geeky” about the geeks who wear them.   In fact, in many ways, it’s fashionable.   Fashion Statements Defined Continue Reading