On the docket with David?

We’re building on the projects and keynotes from 2019 and prior…

A new set of keynotes that will wow your company meeting or conference, including:

  • Underwhelmed” — a compelling session that will help attendees tame their days and become more EFFECTIVE at their most important activities. With all the requirements and communications coming at us daily, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. In this session, David shares some of the new findings to lessen the burden, make each day more fun, and helps each person fulfill their missions with less stress and more quality.
  • Future Tense” — changes are happening faster than ever — including the business environment, the world, what we know about ourselves, technology, and our local situations. In this session, David looks a few years into the future, shares what is likely to happen in areas that affect you, and helps you use it to your advantage.

Building a Scalable Selling Machine” – Masterclass for executives responsible for growing customer attainment and revenue.

  • Last year’s masterclass was so well received that Shannon Gregg & I are doing it again — Jan to Mar. If you need to create a strategy and team to grow your sales and customer acquisition, you don’t want to miss this. You’ll walk out with a blueprint for creating or enhancing your own consistent, repeatable, scalable selling machine.

I can also put your team into a life-changing professional development course, and am also available for consulting and working on a few other projects. Feel free to contact me through this website or look at my LinkedIn profile for more.

And of course, if you’re interested in increasing your meeting acceptance rate, don’t forget to check out Confirmed.


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MMasterclass for execs help them create effective sales machines

Shannon Gregg and I are conducting a MMasterclass to help executives build a consistent repeatable sales mmachine that uses best practices to grow their customer bases and revenue.

In just 10 weeks, you’ll walk away with a custom sales blueprint for yourself and your team including tools that will help you take what you’ve learned and implement for your own organization to create your own 360-degree Sales MMachine™ or enhance the sales machine you already have in place.

The MMasterclass is for executives who are responsible for growing sales, such as VP or Director of Sales or CEO/Founder, as well as those that are being groomed to take on that role. We’ll do a gap analysis on your sales organization’s prowess, help you find parts of your revenue projections that are subject to failure (or don’t make sense), help you assess the skills of your key players related to attaining revenue, and work with you on various aspects of growing your sales team and implementing sales tools.

The last time we conducted this MMasterclass, the results were astounding. Here are a few of the comments we received from the executives who attended:

“This class is an utter necessity!”
“Brought me to a new level; gave me several insights in a single session”
“Exceptionally good, clear, concise content that could be used by sales professionals”
“Sales organizations definitely need this”
“Incubators don’t give this deep level of the working process”
“I wish I could have had this forecasting model before I started putting my own together.”
“You have this all laid out in a way that’s very easy to follow”
“Where were you earlier?”
“Now I have a structure to say where I’m missing capabilities, and have a checklist of things I want to look for”
“Even if you know the pieces of the process and feel good about it, you’ll learn what you’re missing.”
“You’ll fortify your understanding of what you’re doing well and where you can make that better.”

For the 2019 Fall Cohort, you’ll spend 7 sessions with us over 10 weeks. You can do them all online via web — or if you’re in Pittsburgh or Cleveland, you’ll be able to choose to attend 3 of the sessions with other attendees in that city.

If you’re interested in learning more, we have info and registration form for you here.

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Think you can attract 300,000 readers to a single LinkedIn post? Here’s somebody who does it consistently — and shares his secrets with you

He shares his secrets about how he writes VERY popular LinkedIn articles.

He shares his secrets about how he writes VERY popular LinkedIn articles.

I’ve been pretty lucky with a handful of my LinkedIn posts; but I have not yet achieved the level of success that Lionel Ham has achieved.  Not even close.  So I was pretty interested when he decided to share his secrets in his own LinkedIn Pulse article.

Mr. Ham consistently gets hundreds of thousands of reads on his articles, even though he doesn’t have the same star power as Kanye West, Mark Cuban, or Tim Ferris.  Yet he gets the reads.

When I first looked at his article he had over half-million reads on it — so I bookmarked it — especially after seeing that his other articles were also six figure reads.  Then, when I went back to share it with you in my weekly best reads post, it was gone.  I had to search out a new version, which had 300,000+ views, continuing to prove the point.  He can get readers.

So here’s my post which includes Mr. Ham’s article and a few other important articles, including surprising advice from Tony Robbins and Mark Cuban.

Enjoy.  And if you like to hear more like these, please follow me on Twitter (@dradin).

And if you do a lot of 1:1 meetings, whether in your office, on the phone or on the road (especially on the road), grab the free trial of Confirmed Instant Scheduler.  I put it together to meet the needs of sales people and mobile professionals who do a lot of personal meetings.



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Two mobile products that get thumbs up – PhotoFast and GoMobilePGH

PhotoFast & ParkMobilePGH can both ease your life

PhotoFast & ParkMobilePGH can both ease your life

Still looking for products that help you daily?  I’ve been reviewing two of them that you’ll want to consider.

  • PhotoFast plugs into your iPhone giving you a quick and easy way to offload your phone or protect your data locally
  • GoMobilePGH is specific to people in Western PA who want to ease their trips into the city by making it much easier to park.  (The app is available in other cities too).

My full reviews will be in TEQ soon.  So keep your eyes open.

If you can’t wait, you can check out GoMobile in the iPhone App store and hear more about PhotoFast from the vendor (@PhotoFastGlobal on Twitter).

Of course, follow @dradin find out when the TEQ articles are released.



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What a great time for sales people! Here’s why…

Happy Sales person

This is a great time for sales people.  As the weather gets nicer, making it easier for travel to your prospect meetings, it’s also a time to hone skills, as several of the most popular Dale Carnegie sales-related courses are offered in open-enrollment format.  So you can put yourself in a position to increase your income (and have fun doing it).

Two exciting open-enrollment offerings for May & June

  1. To take the next step in making presentations that give you the results you want, our famous “High Impact Presentations” course takes place on Thu/Fri May 26 & 27.  Whether you want to present ideas to your boss or a few people within your organization to get buy-in; or if you want to command an audience from the front of a room, this course helps you get congruence between what you’re trying to say and what you’re actually saying verbally and physically.  This course is so good, that graduate schools of business have us deliver it annually to their students. Contact me to enroll yourself or members of your team.
  2. In June, we present an immersive version of “The Dale Carnegie SALES Course: Winning with Relationships”.  Whether you’re a new sales person or an experienced pro seeking to stretch your limits, learn new ways to apply what you know or simply to refresh your knowledge into good habits, this is the course for you.  I’ve been telling people for years, that this course changed my ability to sell, making me successful.  I’ve been through it multiple times – and if you go through it in June, I’ll be in class with you – because I’m going through it again.  It’s that good.  June’s version is an immersive version, where you are in class all day on three consecutive Fridays (June 10, 17, 24).  It won’t seem like all day classes, though, because The DC Sales Course uses the highly engaging Dale Carnegie techniques that makes it fun to participate while ensuring we learn the material.  For some, this class is a life-changing experience.  For others, it provides breakthroughs that change the way they sell forever.  Contact me to enroll or to be part of a 2-hour preview session on May 27 to see what it’s like. 

The Customer Relationship Model for SalesParticipants can also get college credits for these classes, as well as credit toward requirements for many industries such as Bar Association, Project Management, and Financial Planning.  I can give you details.

Custom programs for your organization

If you lead a department or organization, we can work with you to customize a program that will help you get more out of your team and enhance your corporate culture.  Contact me to make that happen.

We’ll determine the method to give you the biggest bang-for-your-buck, and outline an implementation to help you get there effectively – with the lowest drain on your internal resources.  That might include assessments of your group dynamics or individual contributors, group sessions at your facility, enrollments in our public courses, facilitated online sessions – or most likely, a customized combination to optimize the impact.

If you’re planning a sales or company-wide event over the next few months, we can also provide a compelling keynote presentation, or learning session integrated into your meeting theme.

Helping you make meetings

Perhaps you conduct a lot of 1:1 prospect meetings across town or across the country and would like to do it more effectively.  Confirmed Instant Scheduler™ can help you get more meetings confirmed and do it in less time & effort.  Confirmed™ is a web/phone app that works with your existing calendar program or stand-alone, and lets you give choices when scheduling meetings.  Click to get a free 30-day trial of Confirmed Instant Scheduler.  Or enroll for one of the Dale Carnegie courses on this page through me, and I’ll get you a 6 month subscription for the Professional Edition – on me.  Everybody wins.

Here are more Dale Carnegie open-enrollment sessions coming up:

Open enrollment courses & events in Greater Pittsburgh

I have posted an updated list of courses available in Western PA for open enrollment over the next few weeks.  Take a look to see which ones will work on the skills you want to hone for you and your team.  Of course, feel free to let me know if you have questions about any of them or want to enroll you or others.  I can also help you determine how to best match our courses to your needs.  (If you run a team, ask me about a “Business Improvement Workshop”, one of the most productive ways you can lead your team in the right direction, and get buy-in from all the key decision influencers in your organization.)



David Radin is a business veteran who has helped Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs launch products, become more effective, and grow teams.  He has founded and grown several companies (two of which were acquired); and he has visited the White House by invitation.  Currently, David helps match Dale Carnegie training, coaching & mentoring programs to organizations in Western PA & Eastern OH.  His most recent productivity-producing product is Confirmed™ Instant Scheduler™ (www.ConfirmedApp.com), which helps mobile professionals such as sales people, service providers, and travelling executives.  He offers a free 30 day trial for Confirmed Instant Scheduler.

David on Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dradin

David on Twitter: @dradin

Confirmed Instant Scheduler on Twitter: @confirmedapp

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