Could Free Wi-Fi Be Coming to YOUR Neighborhood?

Free-WiFi spot logo

Remember this logo? For a very short time period, we started seeing it popping up on a lot of coffee shops.

The federal government is hatching a plan to bring free wi-fi to your neighoborhood – and many neighborhoods across the United States – according to this report by The Washington Post’s Cecilia Kang.

The heavenly view is that this would open up a world of innovation, and level the playing field for those who can’t currently afford broadband Internet.

But not everybody is happy – especially, as you can guess, not the big telcos who sell wireless services.  They rake in $178 Billion (yes, with a B) annually from this very lucrative market.

Google, as expected, is on the other side – positioning for free wireless everywhere – so they can spread their services farther and deeper.

Both sides have valid arguements, because the economic impact of a decision to put wireless in every neighborhood will redistribute cashflow like never before in history — a techno-Robin Hood effect.  So keep your ears open.  This could affect you.

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