Two mobile products that get thumbs up – PhotoFast and GoMobilePGH

PhotoFast & ParkMobilePGH can both ease your life

PhotoFast & ParkMobilePGH can both ease your life

Still looking for products that help you daily?  I’ve been reviewing two of them that you’ll want to consider.

  • PhotoFast plugs into your iPhone giving you a quick and easy way to offload your phone or protect your data locally
  • GoMobilePGH is specific to people in Western PA who want to ease their trips into the city by making it much easier to park.  (The app is available in other cities too).

My full reviews will be in TEQ soon.  So keep your eyes open.

If you can’t wait, you can check out GoMobile in the iPhone App store and hear more about PhotoFast from the vendor (@PhotoFastGlobal on Twitter).

Of course, follow @dradin find out when the TEQ articles are released.



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