MMasterclass for execs help them create effective sales machines

Shannon Gregg and I are conducting a MMasterclass to help executives build a consistent repeatable sales mmachine that uses best practices to grow their customer bases and revenue.

In just 10 weeks, you’ll walk away with a custom sales blueprint for yourself and your team including tools that will help you take what you’ve learned and implement for your own organization to create your own 360-degree Sales MMachine™ or enhance the sales machine you already have in place.

The MMasterclass is for executives who are responsible for growing sales, such as VP or Director of Sales or CEO/Founder, as well as those that are being groomed to take on that role. We’ll do a gap analysis on your sales organization’s prowess, help you find parts of your revenue projections that are subject to failure (or don’t make sense), help you assess the skills of your key players related to attaining revenue, and work with you on various aspects of growing your sales team and implementing sales tools.

The last time we conducted this MMasterclass, the results were astounding. Here are a few of the comments we received from the executives who attended:

“This class is an utter necessity!”
“Brought me to a new level; gave me several insights in a single session”
“Exceptionally good, clear, concise content that could be used by sales professionals”
“Sales organizations definitely need this”
“Incubators don’t give this deep level of the working process”
“I wish I could have had this forecasting model before I started putting my own together.”
“You have this all laid out in a way that’s very easy to follow”
“Where were you earlier?”
“Now I have a structure to say where I’m missing capabilities, and have a checklist of things I want to look for”
“Even if you know the pieces of the process and feel good about it, you’ll learn what you’re missing.”
“You’ll fortify your understanding of what you’re doing well and where you can make that better.”

For the 2019 Fall Cohort, you’ll spend 7 sessions with us over 10 weeks. You can do them all online via web — or if you’re in Pittsburgh or Cleveland, you’ll be able to choose to attend 3 of the sessions with other attendees in that city.

If you’re interested in learning more, we have info and registration form for you here.

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