Schedule of Dale Carnegie Previews & Workshops for Leadership, Sales & Interpersonal Skills Training

Great leadership workshops happening in Western PA

Great leadership workshops happening in Western PA


There’s no time like the present to hone your skills to have greater impact on your organization, career and life.  At Dale Carnegie, we provide those skills in a way that helps you turn them into habits.  Better yet, we make it fun as we do it.  (Yes; adults can have fun too!)

If you lead a department or organization, we can work with you to customize a program that will help you get more out of your team and enhance your corporate culture.  Contact me to make that happen.

We’ll determine the method to give you the biggest bang-for-your-buck, and outline an implementation to help you get there effectively – with the lowest drain on your internal resources.  That might include assessments of your group dynamics or individual contributors, group sessions at your facility, enrollments in our public courses, facilitated online sessions – or most likely, a customized combination to optimize the impact.

If you’re not ready for a larger custom program, you can work with us to utilize our public courses to get you started.  Here are several upcoming free public sessions in Western Pennsylvania that will introduce you to the concepts used in specific Dale Carnegie Courses.  Most of these previews and workshops are 90 minutes to 2 hours and can lead into full courses or other options.  You can enroll in the course directly or visit these sessions at no cost and enroll based on your impressions.  Contact me to enroll yourself or members of your team in any of them.

Wed May 11 – Dale Carnegie Skills for Success for Young Adults in Robinson Twp

  • This is a special version aimed at people who are still in school and want to get a fast start on skills that will positively impact their life & careers.  Parents and students can attend this free Preview session or directly enroll in the 8-week summer session which starts June 22.

Tue May 17 – Dale Carnegie Skills for Success – Downtown Pittsburgh

  • This is a free preview for the highly popular adult course which starts on May 31.

Thu May 19 – Dale Carnegie Skills for Success – Sharon PA

  • This is a free workshop, which leads up to the course in north western PA that starts on June 30

Thu May 26 – High Impact Presentations – Downtown Pittsburgh

  • This is a free workshop to introduce you to one of the most-popular, longest running presentation skills courses in the world.  If you subsequently enroll in the course, you will learn in two consecutive full day sessions how to better get your point across and be more commanding when you present to larger or small groups.  You’ll also get to see yourself in action as we record your presentations to give you positive feedback.

Fri May 27 – The Dale Carnegie Sales Course: Winning with Relationships – Downtown Pittsburgh

  • This is a free Preview session to introduce you to the standard in Sales Training.  If you enroll in this class, you’ll learn how to more effectively conduct your sales activities in a non-manipulative way.  The class is three full day sessions, once weekly for three weeks in June.

Thu June 2 – Leading Across Generations – Downtown Pittsburgh

  • Leading Across Generations tackles one of the most often-cited challenges for both young and old managers: how to effectively deal with team members who are not from your own generation.
  • This is a full day Workshop, and requires a paid enrollment

July 13 – Leadership for Managers – Downtown Pittsburgh

  • This is a free workshop to introduce you to the course hailed as way to focus on leadership skills that are so important in any managerial role, getting participants beyond being mere managers.

While it’s fine to go to these workshops alone, it’s often more effective to bring your team.  Feel free to contact me to determine who should attend which session, and how Dale Carnegie can most effectively meet your specific organization’s needs.


David Radin is a business veteran who has helped Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs launch products, become more effective, and grow teams.  He has founded and grown several companies (two of which were acquired); and he has visited the White House by invitation. 

Currently, David helps match Dale Carnegie training, coaching & mentoring programs to organizations in Western PA & Eastern OH.  His most recent productivity-producing product is Confirmed™ Instant Scheduler™ (, which helps mobile professionals such as sales people, service providers, and travelling executives.  He offers a free 30 day trial for Confirmed Instant Scheduler.

David on Linked In:

David on Twitter: @dradin

Confirmed Instant Scheduler on Twitter: @confirmedapp


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