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Marlon Brando drinks coffee at meetings in movies

Marlon Brando drinks coffee at meetings in movies

Shark Tank – the real & not-so real aspects

Ever wonder wether ABC’s Shark Tank is really what venture capital is all about?  From my experiences pitching investors, there are a lot of similarities.  I also know a few people who had the opportunity to pitch for funding on Shark Tank.  One got funded; the other left without a deal.  The one that didn’t get funded believes it’s all for TV reality ratings.  The other one doesn’t.  There’s one aspects that satisfy both views: what you see on TV is only a small portion of a longer discussion.  Of course, that means the decisions are not made with the limited info the TV network shares with you.

Here are some more insights, courtesy of Inquisitr:


Software Piracy – Then & Now

Tim O’Reilly wrote a candid piece 14 years ago about DRM – digital rights management – the technology used to keep you from copying files on the Internet and from computers.  This month, he looks back at it and tells us his main points still ring true.


Becoming a Morning Person

We’re told there are morning people; and there are evening people.  This week, we share an essay by Sam Shank, CEO of HotelTonight about changing to the early rising variety.


Warren Buffett on Leadership in Two Sentences

One of the richest men in the world, and one of the most famous successful people who took full advantage of Dale Carnegie Training, Warren Buffett has written volumes about leadership issues – and we listen, because he gives such great advice.  But he doesn’t have to be verbose to be helpful.  Thanks to Betty Liu, CEO of Radiate for sharing this.

Is Getting Off the Grid Too Stressful?

We’ve all imagined putting away our electronics to concentrate on other things; yet most of us haven’t even attempted it.  I started checking my email on a schedule and not frequently, which helped my productivity a lot.  And I totally put away my laptop, telephones, TV one week a summer, which is wonderful for my psyche – not to mention how much my family loves it.  This week, Derek Handley, a venture capitalist in Brooklyn (with cool track record as entrepreneur) shares how he gets off the grid.


14 Leadership Lessons In Business Creativity

Finally, Madanmohan Rao shares with us 14 tips for business creativity and growth that can help you sharpen your leadership skills as he reviews Dr Amantha Imbur’s book, The Innovation Formula: The 14 Keys for Creating a Culture where Innovation Thrives


David Radin is a business veteran who has helped Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs launch products, become more effective, and grow teams.  He has founded and grown several companies (two of which were acquired); and he has visited the White House by invitation. 

Currently, David helps match Dale Carnegie training, coaching & mentoring programs to organizations in Western PA & Eastern OH.  His most recent productivity-producing product is Confirmed™ Instant Scheduler™ (, which helps mobile professionals such as sales people, service providers, and travelling executives.  He offers a free 30 day trial for Confirmed Instant Scheduler.

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