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Hollywood glamourized newspaper reporters like this guy.

Twelve years ago, I was asked by Doug Heuck, then Business Editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to write a column about technology & business.  He was familiar with my ideas from my national radio show, and thought it would be a good match.  Apparently it was, because I have written around 700 articles for the Continue Reading

Morotorola S11 Headphones – Ready For Action


I’ve been using the Motorola S11-Flex HD headphones.  Really nice for activities – like running & jogging.  I’ve managed to use it in a number of situations, and found it to be excellent for activities, nicely customizable, and I love the freedom of Bluetooth connectivity.  But it’s not perfect. Read my full review. See the specs Continue Reading

Getting Strong Cellular Signals in Weak Cell Areas

It’s more than a pain when you can’t get cellular signal for talking or doing data work.  Wilson  Electronics eases the pain with their Sleek line of signal boosters.  I recently tested the Sleek 4G, the latest in their line by taking a 12 hour train trip with it – then by using it with Continue Reading

Your iPhone3 can behave like iPhone 5

I hope people buy the new iPhone instead of upgrading!

I recently wrote a column about how users can upgrade their older iPhones so they behave a lot like the newer iPhones, including how to do it and what to watch out for — you know, the issues that can bite you in the backside if you’re not careful. So – bring your iPhone up-to-date Continue Reading