Bloomberg Says Both Superbowl Teams Will “Lose” Money

As the Roman Numerals imply: the NFL is not a group of rookies.

As the Roman Numerals imply: the NFL is not a group of rookies.

In the latest, Curtis Eichelberger makes a case for how much money the 49ers and Ravens will lose this week at the Superbowl, in part because they’re taking so many guests to New Orleans and treating them so well.  While his math looks to add up fine, he neglects the fine point that the NFL has been doing this for 47 years – and knows how to wring every last nickel out of the event.

Those are not just guests; they’re people who buy sponsorships, naming rights, and support the team in many ways big and small.  (Okay, so some of them are just guests.)  The league and the teams have figured out how much they need to “invest” in this important event to make it profitable, even though it doesn’t look like it at first glance.

So don’t go feeling too sorry for the teams from SF and Baltimore.  They’ll do just fine after all their Superbowl expenses – and they’ll hope they get to spend that kind of money again next year.


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