Different Posts For Different Folks

Different posts for different folks.  And so on and so on, scooby-dooby-dooby.

…and so on and so on, scooby-dooby-dooby.  (Thanks, Sly.)

You might have topics to discuss that are not directly related to one of my existing posts.  If you do, posting your comment on this article can help us get the discussion going.



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  1. First off let me tell you that I’m a 76 year old technology deficient Pollock without a comma on his computer. I was forced to buy a computer when I retired in ????. Since then your articles and also those of the Techman; Ced Kurtz have been a mainstay in my somewhat dismal education in this mind boggling area. I may not have pursued everything you’all wrote about but it was comforting to know that you guys were always available on Sundays for my lack of information and knowledge. NOW WHAT???? Half of my professors will no longer appear in my Sunday tabloid. Dave if you are going to have anything on line I sincerely hope you will include my e-mail address on your distribution list unless you are going to charge then I’ll have to pass and bid you adieu. In any event many thanks for the informative years.

    • dradin says:

      Hi Prince,

      Thanks for the nice words. Feel free to share them with the editors as well. They always like to hear good things – and I’m sure Ced will appreciate his bosses hearing that as well.

      At the moment, the closest thing I have to an email list is what I write for my company, Just Between Friends. I’m one of the main authors of a publication we call “Household Update”. It’s seen by a few hundred thousand recipients once or twice a month.

      If you want to get on the list, all you need is a free Just Between Friends account. Simply go to http://www.JustBetweenFriends.com, and click on the Accept Invite button. When asked for a group invitation code, leave it blank; then follow the prompts to create your own account.

      In Household Update, I vary a lot from what I’ve written in the PG — almost all of it has some relevance to families with children. Plus, there’s a fun quiz and other stuff.

      Thanks for reading my column so loyally for all these years. I hope I added value to your weeks!


  2. dradin says:


    Based on your description, nothing about that call passed the sniff test of credibility. Chances are that even if you gave them your money (likely by credit card), they would have taken your card number and used it for their own gains.

    An early tip-off that it was a scam was when they told you they noticed corrupted drivers on YOUR computer. They were fishing for a gullible target.

    Glad you finally hung up; but why did did you give them 40 minutes first? When I get calls that seem like a scam, I let the call go immediately. If I’m not sure, I make them give me a phone number to call back. Scammers typically don’t want to give you a number that can be tracked (although that’s not even fool-proof anymore).


  3. David B. Antonson says:

    I don’t know if others have been approached by phone over this issue, but a caller recently said “we’ve noticed several hackings have corrupted drivers on your computer and it is running slowly. We can remove the hacked files. We are not selling software.” After a 40 minute conversation, it turns out they were selling a “new driver license” to protect my drivers. One year was $149. Two years was $399. Lifetime was $499. They talked very convinciningly about ciber criminals. I asked where they were calling from and they said “New York.” I didn’t bite and finally hung up. But they wanted access to my computer to show I had driver issues. I think they are approaching people left and right and feel they are frauds.

    David B. Antonson, North Hills, Pittsburgh, PA

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